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Athletic shoes, or more commonly known as sport shoes, are types of footwear primarily designed for physical activity or sport-related movement. Even though sport shoes were manufactured first in 1916 by Adi Dassler, the creator of one of the most prominent shoes company, the emergence of the first eminent demand happened in 1984, when Michael Jordan signed up with Nike, Inc. Since then, the demand of the athletic shoes has been skyrocketing and become one of the most used footwear in the modern world.
After some consideration, we finally came up to use sport shoes as our favorite products. Sport shoes attracted us because they have stable and high demand market, high responsiveness, and can be used primarily for everyday activities. Individuals are likely to buy shoes as fashion continues to develop to not look outdated. There are many individuals even spend much money to obtain shoes they like. Also, sport shoes are superior in term of exchange flow as many sport shoes are relatively affordable and easy to be returnable. Hence, as sport shoes can be used by many people for any kind of activities regardless their age, social, and economic condition, sport shoes ' demand is likely to increase from time to time.
Sport shoes are one kind product that can relatively guarantee many profitable business opportunities. To build a successful business in sport shoes, the most important key success that we need to conduct is that need to determine a theme which can attract many customers. We can either use our own concept or work with other people to design the appropriate theme. Secondly, we have to set appropriate distribution center where there are many population with many demand. Allocating distribution centers in appropriate plac...

... middle of paper ... shoes, strategical allocation of distribution centers and efficiency of manufacturing process are the two most substantial factors in determining success in this shoe business . Following the success of many outstanding shoe companies in Asia such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, our shoe company will focus the manufacturing process in Vietnam due to lower tariff, raw materials, labor wages, other and presentation distribution factor. Furthermore, considering population distribution in the U.S. and market targets, our company management decided to allocate three distribution centers located in Oklahoma City for (Mid-Region), Fayetteville for east, and Bakersfield for west. Hence, we hope that allocating these supplier and distribution centers in these specific areas can fulfill all our shoe-company demand and achieve high-market target both now and in the future.

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