Essay about Sport Fishing At Its Best

Essay about Sport Fishing At Its Best

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Sport-Fishing At Its Best
How many of you have hobbies that you love? Now, I 'd like you to imagine that particular hobby. *Snap fingers*. Well, now this hobby of yours is gone. What are you going to do about it? Cry, protest, and feel helpless? In all honesty, this is exactly how many people who fish for fun feel. Due to the lack of supervision on how salmon farms are doing, it has affected the wild salmon that are the main purpose as to why people fish recreationally. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Anisha Grover and I’m a spokesperson for the Sport-Fishing Institute of B.C. We’re mainly concerned that the health and population of the wild salmon is being threatened due to salmon farms. However, our reasons for attempting to control salmon farms is due to the fact that recreational fishing earns greater profits than salmon farming, there are more employment opportunities in sport-fishing rather than salmon farms, and the population of sport-fishing has decreased due to salmon farms. For this reason we believe that salmon farms should prevent the negative impacts that their industry has on recreational fishing in order to keep both the industries together.
First Argument
If you didn’t know already, B.C. is widely known for having a large variety of industries including sport-fishing which is one of the most prominent. Due to the fact that the sport-fishing industry in B.C. has been doing so well in the past decades, it tends to have higher earning rates than other industries such as salmon farming. This can be proven as the recent statistics show that sport-fishing had earned $975 million in revenues, whereas salmon farming had revenues of $469 million (“Our Wild Salmon Economy...”). As you can tell, the revenues ...

... middle of paper ... fishing can only exist with one another if farmed salmon are put off the migratory routes of wild salmon.
Overall, it is evident that sport-fishing is more economically beneficial than salmon farming; the availability of jobs is vaster in the sport-fishing industry than the salmon fishing industry, and the attention on sport-fishing has decreased due to the negative effects of salmon farms. Although it would be better if there were no salmon farms at all, this is unreasonable. In that case, recreational fishing and salmon farms should find a balance. All I can say is that, we humans have a tendency to recognize the value of something only when it is gone. Hopefully, we realize this before the sport-fishing industry is in deep trouble as this is more than just an industry; it’s a way of life and a way of bringing people closer to one another. Thank you.

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