Essay on Spirituality Includes Various Different Spiritual Practices

Essay on Spirituality Includes Various Different Spiritual Practices

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Spirituality includes various different spiritual practices. The activities I practice currently that help me feel spiritually healthy are meditation and yoga. About three to four times a week, I sit in the sauna with my eyes close for about 5-10 minutes and just focus on my breath. I don’t allow my mind to think about my day or worries or anything else besides my breath and breathing. This allows me to unplug from my crazy days and focus within and on myself in peace and quiet. Other day I sit in the sauna and go through a serious of body stretches that help me relax and bring my mind to ease.
2. To many others the core or purpose of their being revolves around the things such as money, fame, success, fun, power, or possessions. In my opinion my purpose does not revolve around what I accomplished or anything physical. My purpose is to create a constant nurturing environment of growth, challenge and unlimited potential not only for myself but for others around me as well. My mission is to energize, connect, and inspire others on a level so deep it helps both of us truly live and experience life and see the beauty in everything. My life purpose is to empower others and myself along with encouraging independence, confidence, and support being authentic, adventurous while being a catalyst for positive change. In the end, my purpose includes creating a life that allows me to grow continually and use my wisdom to help others grow through my experiences and teachings while encouraging them to make a difference not only in their lives but the others around them as well.
3. Two items I listed with S that I believe are important for my spiritual well being are “even during difficult times, I have a sense of hope and peace” and the sec...

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...lmost slow time down along with those unwanted urgencies I face every day. Surrounding myself in a healthier pace of life in the end will only clam my mind while I experience nothing by nature and forget about all the stress of a fast paced lifestyle I live. My third thing I could do in order to find greater fulfillment would be to actually take the time out and physically practice things that engage my body, mind and spirit. Setting aside more time to engage in spiritual practices will not only lead to greater fulfillment and peace but also strengthen and allow me to better elevate my body, mind, and spirit. Devoting more time to practices for my body such as yoga or breathing exercises and devoting more time to practices for my mind such as meditation or reading positive affirmations once a day will only result in me achieving a higher level of spiritual wellness.

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