Essay on Spirituality And The Spirituality Of Spirituality

Essay on Spirituality And The Spirituality Of Spirituality

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Growing up I have always wondered why we get a sense of connection to our surroundings. I believe it is a universal feeling that everyone wants to be a part of something bigger or have that sense of belonging. This is how many people define spirituality. Spirituality is often associated with religion, which is why many people tend to relate the meaning of life to spirituality. People go their whole lives searching for connection with our surroundings or looking for the meaning of life. Spirituality has been a question for centuries and I question if we are born with the instinct of spirituality or if we learn it throughout time from our surroundings?

As I began to explore the meaning and origin of spirituality, I wanted to start with learning the basics. It became clear to me that there are several perspectives in which people view spirituality. The idea of spirituality is thought to be a powerful experience when found. Whether it is finding it through religion, the satisfaction of searching for the meaning of life, or looking for peacefulness. It all relates back to an individual feeling.I began by explore how people defined spirituality and questioned: What is spirituality?

A major point to explore before looking at my question in depth is learning about the different perspectives spirituality takes on. I searched for perspectives in an article that had background information on several viewpoints.

I began by exploring the different viewpoints in which spirituality is looked at in the article "What is Spirituality?", published on Psychology Today, Larry Culliford 's thesis is that spirituality is something that cannot be analyzed with scientific methods because it is a personal experience that influences how we think...

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...alks about our evolutionary past. We are prone to see beauty in our surroundings. Our behavior is only human. He summarizes by stating that humans have developed to see the world around us passionately. Spirituality has evolved as a consequence of social intelligence.

I found this article interesting. I agree with his point that acceptance is the key to spirituality because we can not admire our surroundings if we can not admire ourselves. I like the idea of our spirituality growing up with the person as they grow. As if the spirit evolves with the person as they mature. I also agree that the human brain has developed overtime, which can lead spirituality to grow. Spirituality increases because people acknowledge and admire their surroundings. Although many are restraint in the belief of an after life. These restraints can lead a person to not find themselves.

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