Spirituality and Hinduism Essay

Spirituality and Hinduism Essay

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When a typical person sees a rat, he or she tries to kill it or set traps for it. When a Hindu sees a rat they think of reincarnated descendants of a Hindu deity and they even build temples of worship especially for them. Some even eat the rat food because they believe it will give them good fortune. The spirituality of Hinduism evokes a devotion to animals because of the concept of karma and reincarnation. Common beliefs and practices are found in all religions from Christianity to religions like Hinduism.
Sacrifice for Hindus can occur outdoors or indoors and involves milk, butter, grains, and animals. There are rituals that only priests can perform called Shrauta which involve sacrifices that are burned to honor the gods, dances and sacred chants that have power within them which are passed down from generation to generation. Priests are forced to memorize thousands of chants just for these ceremonies. Hindus are amazed at the concept of multiplicity which is why temples are filled with statues that bear multiple body parts. Another way to worship the gods is through Puja which ...

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