Spiritual, Phisical, Mental and Emotional Health Essay

Spiritual, Phisical, Mental and Emotional Health Essay

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Spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally; those five things keep on body and mind healthy physically and mentally in sports and elsewhere. Without one of those skills or with one or more low lacking skills, you can fall behind physically and even mentally. Without all of these skills you are letting your teammates and your Lord down.
The most important area of health is Spiritual. In this area of your health you need a strong relationship with the Lord. Many people argue that this skill cannot be practiced but technically it can be practicing by reading the Bible daily and actually listening to chapels which is hard for me to do. I also stumbled is not thanking God enough on and off the court or field, I think I take too many things for granted. In Nelhs, you can strengthen your spiritual with the support of friends, teachers, and coaches.
The physical area of health is one of the areas in which people can see the most. I am not the strongest or tallest guys out there but I do like being physically. I like football especially because you can be physical ...

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