The Spiritual Persective to the Book of Proverbs is Faith, Hope, and Charity

The Spiritual Persective to the Book of Proverbs is Faith, Hope, and Charity

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Layman Response to Thomas Mattox
Case Study 2
A Spiritual Perspective
The book of Proverbs Chapter 3, verses 5-6 says: “Trust the Lord with all you do. Do not depend on your own understanding and seek HIS will in all you do. He will make straight your path” (NLT). This verse is evidenced in every aspect of theological virtues. These virtues are infused through divine grace (Sokolowski, 1995), and are characteristics of human personality that manifest themselves only through eternal salvation. The three characteristics are Faith, Hope, and Charity. I was quite pleased to find this discussion had been categorized, and even subcategorized. I tend to follow this type of discussion a little easier than one of utter ramblings like the ones I am guilty of presenting personally. Your efforts are much appreciated here.
Ethical and Moral Reasoning
In considering the presented spiritual perspective, I find your choice of pairing the Kantian deontological theory of moral ethics with the morals of Christianity to be quite logical. The reason I say this is that the moral dilemma that is presented to us in the case study is one of not only acts, but of agents. Acts are the basis for Kantianism, more precisely, which act reason tells us will rationally fulfill our moral duty. The will of agents or people, who form the very foundation for Christianity or virtue ethics, is found in the idea of moral fiber or good vs. evil. Ethics, derived from the Greek word Ethos, by definition is the character, fundamental values or disposition of a person.
The Philosophy
Britannica describes ethics or moral philosophy as ‘the discipline concerned with what is morally good, bad, right or wrong ("ethics (philosophy)", n.d.) Morals derived from the Latin ...

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