The Spiritual Discipline, Silence And Solitude Essay

The Spiritual Discipline, Silence And Solitude Essay

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For the second half of the semester I chose to do the spiritual discipline, silence and solitude. The reason I chose to complete this spiritual discipline is because we practice it in the first half of the semester. During that time, it made me take a break and just have three hours set aside for God. This discipline has helped me have peace and to see how important spending time in the presence of God is. Taking away the distractions of electronics and school work. The past few weeks completing this I have noticed a difference in my attitude. The weeks that I did not practice this discipline I noticed that I got stressed and was more quick to explode with negative emotions such as anger or impatience. Although, the weeks I practiced this discipline I was at peace and had a better attitude. I was especially more patient and tolerant of others around me. The lows with this spiritual discipline that I have had is I tended to get distracted, impatient, and I would lose focus on the point of why I was doing this discipline specifically. For instance, by the time I would reach the last ho...

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