Essay on Spiritual Discernment & Vocational Counseling

Essay on Spiritual Discernment & Vocational Counseling

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Spiritual Discernment & Vocational Counseling
Personal Position
After completing the Decision-Making Factors Survey, it was discovered that the factors ranking as very important to this author’s decision making include consulting the bible, depending on a sense of inner peace from the Holy Spirit, praying for wisdom to make Godly decisions, considering personal strengths, talents, gifts, and abilities, and judging the decision’s consistency with the character/ethics of Jesus (Horton, 2009). Based on these results and the especially the high importance of inner peace from the Holy Spirit and consistency with the character/ethics of Jesus, this author is most likely to follow the relationship-formation approach, as described by Horton (2009).
Horton (2009) describes followers of the relationship-formation approach to “believe that Christians have a great amount of freedom because God has not predetermined a specific path for their lives” (p. 11) and states that “scriptures are a key component of formation, but decisions are based on our relationship with God and how God is at work in our lives” (p. 11). Relationship-formation approach followers believe that decisions are impacted by the level of maturity and depth of relationship in Christ and that God is satisfied when an individual has matured to the point of responsible decision making (Horton, 2009).
This author believes that life is not predestined and that God the father has created his children for intimate relationship with him. As that relationship matures, the child is better able to make responsible, Christ like decisions that please the father and allow for a prosperous career. This principle is described in Hebrews 5:11-14. Scripture is to be used in con...

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...t approach or identify any fears of decision-making.

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