Essay on Spies During WWI

Essay on Spies During WWI

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World War I began on July 28, 1914 and didn’t end until November 11, 1918. Even the actual cause of the war was policies; people still blamed it on Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand. This war was fought with trench war fare mostly. Another thing that was used a lot in World War One was spies. Although most got caught they did help a lot of the countries.
Who was Mata Hari?
Mata Hari was a spy during World War I. She was born on August 7, 1876 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. She was a professional Dutch dancer and courtesan, which is another word for a mistress. However, she was also a spy for both Germany and France. This is considered being a double agent, which is spying for two countries at once. Unfortunately, being a double agent is risky and dangerous, which is why she did not survive.
The French suspected that she was disloyal . They proved her disloyalty by discovering that she often traveled across international borders. They also intercepted information that suggested that she was working for the Germans. During her trial, she was found guilty, but was noble in such a way that she did not give up any information during her trial or before her execution. On October 15, 1917, she was executed by a French firing squad. Google says, “A firing squad is a group of soldiers detailed to shoot a condemned person.” Another spy of her kind was Carl Hans Lody.
Who is Carl Hans Lody?
Carl Hans Lody was also a spy during WWI. He was a junior lieutenant in the German Naval Reserve. He spoke fluent English and married and divorced an American woman by the time the First World War started. During his spying years, he spied “exclusively” for Ireland, who wanted information about Britain. However, he was a double agent for Germany. Germany gave h...

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