Spiders and Arachnids: Similar Yet Different Essay

Spiders and Arachnids: Similar Yet Different Essay

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Many people think that spiders and arachnids are synonyms with the same meaning and classifications. Through this piece, one will understand various differences and similarities between the two. Spiders are a member of the order, Araneae, class, Arachnids, and the phylum, Anthropods. Within the arachnid class lies much diversity and a few common traits. Spiders are grouped into this class as well as scorpions, ticks, mites, and many more organisms. The order, Araneae, is comprised of spiders. How do spiders and arachnids compare? While spiders and arachnids have many mutual traits, spiders differ in some key categories.
All arachnids have similar anatomies, one of the most common traits being the number of appendages. Arachnids develop with eight legs. However, some species of arachnids appear to have only six legs because they are sometimes converted for use in their senses. Since all arachnids have eight legs, they are easily distinguishable from insects, which have six legs. Arachnids also possess two other pairs of appendages that have evolved to help their feeding, defense, and senses. The chelicerae, the first pair of appendages, serve in feeding and defense from predators. The next pair of appendages is named the pedipalps. These appendages have been adapted for such uses as eating and digestion, to move or travel, and for reproductive functions. However, there are slight differences between some types of arachnids. For example, the order Solifugae is a branch of arachnids and encompasses over 1,000 described species. The appendages of Solifugae appear leg-like and therefore these animals appear to have five pairs of legs. The larvae of mites and Ricinulei have only six legs; the fourth pair appears when the...

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...ds and Scorpions often fight despite they are similar organisms. The entire order has much in common with all arachnids but also differ in some key categories.

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