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Speech On Welfare Programs And Charities Essays

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“Por favor, Bonita,” a little girl said to me with her hands out as I passed her on the
border of Mexico. My dad told me not to give any money to beggars. We ignored them and
continued walking. My dad believed that if I were to give money to one person that I’d have to
give money to all of them—and there were a lot of them. That image will always stay with me
because I wish I could have done something. That was my first time in Mexico, and I realized
how different life was there, especially the living conditions. I don’t like inequality—and one of
the biggest inequalities exhibited around the world is poverty. It’s hard to avoid. It’s hard enough
to see someone begging on the side of the streets of your own hometown, but it’s somehow
harder to see a child doing the same thing. Now the question arises: why is it that with all our
welfare programs and charities that people are still poor? Poverty is a complicated subject with
many different causes, and because it doesn’t have a definitive cause, there is no definitive
solution to its eradication. To find solutions, we must first understand the factors that contribute
to poverty. These include stagnant wages, education, family composition, and immigration. It
would be very difficult to eradicate poverty, but there are several approaches that can help in
minimizing its prevalence including accurate poverty representation, preparing people for jobs
by encouraging postsecondary education, workforce development, and a good welfare system.
In order to reduce poverty rates, we first need to accurately represent poverty. According
to research in “The State of Working America” by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), it is
shown that when it comes to poverty and social expenditures, the count...

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...ep at a
In conclusion, poverty is a widespread crisis. There is no definitive solution because there
is no definitive cause, as an effective solution requires looking at all contributing factors, which,
are still debatable. Its reduction relies on “interactions among multiple factors including
government policy, market forces and social structures” (Sharma, 2015). While welfare keeps
poor people on their feet, poverty reduction depends more on the distribution of these funds,
rather than how much is spent. Essentially, we need to focus on how these funds are being spent.
Eradication would require a poverty reduction strategy plan. There are several solutions that
could help in minimizing poverty, including accurately representing poverty, encouraging
postsecondary education, job training, and an effective welfare system that uses funds wisely and

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