Speech On Public Voice Response Essay

Speech On Public Voice Response Essay

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Public Voice Response
The public event that I decided to attend was a candidate reform event. That was presented by the League of Women Voters. Where the candidates that are running for sheriff’s office participated in a debate. To explain what they will do if they are elected into office and what they are planning to change for the better of Bexar County.
All of the candidates that are running for sheriff’s office all came to the event and their names are James Dorsey, Sheriff Susan Parmerleau (who is running once again), Javier Salazar, and Larry Ricketts. The event was more than well organized. When the public first got there many of the candidates were outside greeting the people as they came in. Also as soon as you walked in they would give you an index card to write down your question. Then they would come back later to pick it up, so that the candidates may answer it. All of these details set up a very welcoming feeling to the community. That led to public wanting to ask questions. However, before they answered the question, they set down the ground rules for the candidates....

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