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Speech On My Favorite Rules Essay example

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Thank you President Daniels! It is an honor to speak to you all this morning. I will follow one of my favorite rules, and kiss it. That’s Keep it simple stupid. I’ll add in keep it short.
Education is full of rules. These rules are the standards that must be learned and mastered by us, the students, before we go out into the real world. These rules are pounded into our heads. The weird fact is that we choose to do the pounding: math, science, history, and my worst subject economics. We chose to come to this university for an education. We each chose our majors. Our choices are a direct reflection of the rules we want to follow. More importantly they are a reflection of the rules we want to break and then make. We are the new leaders. We as citizens must take on the responsible of leading others.
One of the few things I know a little bit about is teaching others. In the College of Education we are taught the rules and methods to teach the future. My favorite part of the college of education is the people you meet. Every single person has a part of what I consider...

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