Essay on Speech On Cheating On The Test

Essay on Speech On Cheating On The Test

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I was only in seventh grade when I committed the crime. I was young, ignorant, and foolish. It turned out to be the most regretful thing I did in life: cheating on a test. Not only that I committed the sinful and embarrassing crime but to make it worse, my teacher also caught me in the action. The consequences and feelings that I received after being caught cheating on the test is my worst academic experience, and also my most valuable lesson about honesty and integrity.
Never have I ever thought on such a day that I was going to do something that I would regret so much. It was a rainy morning and I was running to class with breakfast still on my hand. The rain had been pouring for almost two days in a row now. The horrible, hot, and humid weather was replaced by a cool breeze. As I settle down, my tablemate smiled at me with his textbook and notes still on his hand. “Who are you?” I asked jokingly, “My tablemate never read his book before class like this”. It did not take me long to find out the terrible truth behind all of this. “I didn’t want to fail this test, Tran. I’ve been studying all night”, he said, eyes are gluing to his notes as his hands were flipping the pages, looking for a certain part he needed to remember. I was so panicked I could see thunders and lightning in my head, soon forming a storm that I will not be able to battle through. History was second hour and it was impossible to remember a unit full of notes with such short period. As I was panicking, thinking this would be a disaster for my gradebook, a conversation at the corner of the class caught my attention. Several classmates were scheming on team working to cheat on this test. A specific sentence went straight to my ears “It’s very easy to do this, she...

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...I could see the corner of her mouth slightly lifted up. Her head was lightly nodding as she smiles, “It’s ok Tran, as long as you know your mistake. Do not forget what you learned from this”. I could feel a breeze of relief flowed through my body. Outside, the sun was shining, cool breeze of the previous rain swept by, and birds came up chirping on the tree stems again.
Being caught cheating on the test has taught me to have the courage to face myself, admit to my mistake, and apologize for it. It is not embarrassing, or lowering myself by saying sorry. By strictly looking back and realizing my fault, I was able to earn back my teacher’s respect and trust. More importantly, I have relieved myself from the guilty feelings that has been haunting me all night long. The storm was over, and my little ship was sailing again, slowly but steadily under the bright sunlight.

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