Essay about Speech On Change Of Heart

Essay about Speech On Change Of Heart

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Change of Heart
Late last year my father had a heart attack at a young age of fifty. I had a hard time dealing with the news I just got from my mom. My dad is like my best friend we are very much alike. We have the same interest, attitude and a similar drive to do better every day. When I got the news I planned for disaster. In my house hold my father and I are the only people that work my mom is a stay at home mom and I have three brothers and sisters. I could not imagine my family’s life without him being there or healthy. I began to think about everything and how it might all change if the news was not good.
Lucky my father was fine they did not know what triggered it but there was no damage done. The hospital just wanted to monitor him for the night. Even after getting the news that he was fine I still found myself planning for disaster. I have no idea what I would do without my father he is such a positive role model in my life. All I could do was think about my dad even though he was fine. At work and with my friends I was not the same. I went from being a ball of energy to a d...

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