Essay on Speech : Obama 's Speech

Essay on Speech : Obama 's Speech

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As a president, Barack Obama has wonderful skill of speech. If he could not present his idea clearly and reinforce or change his audience 's beliefs or action, he could not win the president of America. I was deeply impressed by Obama’s speech, which he spoke at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia for the back to school event. In this speech, he talked about the student’s responsible in the education. This is a very encourage speech, he inspired the student work hard on study and do not afraid of failure. After taking public speaking course, I found out the reason why Obama’s speech can be so impressed. In this paper, I will analyze Obama’s back to school event speech as an example to show his excellent speech skills from three perspectives, which are content, language and delivery.
First of all, Obama’s speech has excellent content. The major audience of this speech is the student which from kindergarten through 12th grade, and the major purpose is to encourage the student to work hard on their study. Therefore, in the introduction part, he used his story to help him related the audience. The story showed that he was just like the most of student, he also wanted to sleep more and did not want to study. This story is short and interesting, which attract the audience’s attention. And then, he pointed out that “the responsibility each of you has for your education”. He not only encouraged the student learning for themselves, but also learning for America. Just like he said that “What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we was a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future”. After that, he pointed that there maybe have some barriers when they are trying to work hard on study. The barrier maybe ...

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...speaker’s speech has great content. Obama is good at controlling his voice and body. Therefore, his speech is expressive and understandable.
In conclusion, a impressive speech not only depends on a great and meaningful content, but also needs contract language and expressive delivery to help speaker present idea better. Obama’s bank to school event’s speech is a good example. This speech is just one of his excellent speeches. He is good at controlling his voice, which makes his audience can pay attention on his speech; he is good at using rhythm, parallelism and repetition to emphasize his ideas; he is good at using appropriate body language to help him deliver more expressive. A good content, vivid language and great delivery are the important part of a excellent speech. Obama’s speech gave us a good example to teach us how to be a good speaker.

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