Essay about Speech Impairment Affecting Literacy Development

Essay about Speech Impairment Affecting Literacy Development

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The ability to read and write are a much needed skill in today’s world. Children with a specific language impairment are at a greater risk of literacy deficit than their typical developing peers (Hugh, Fey, & Zhang, 2002). During early childhood; recognizing, modifying curriculum, and community resources; will all play a vital part in combating the literacy deficit with children whom have a language impairment. Additionally, this paper will discuss the effects of an educational experience lacking modification of the curriculum that a child with SLI needs, along with the outcome that can be observed. As an educational professional, it is critical for the child to receive the education and modifications they need. This paper is designed to educate early childhood professionals for the need of interventions for SLI students in regards to literacy development, what the SLI student needs, and what resources are available to you as a professional. Educators need to know the importance of their interactions with students who suffer with a SLI and the affects a SLI will have on their literacy development.
Speech delays are common in pre-school children (Maura R. Mclaughlan, 2011), however once children enter school, reading and writing are driven through an ever excelling curriculum which does not pause for SLI affected students. SLI affects approximately 7 percent of children whom speak one language (Vandewalle, Boets, Ghesquière, & Inge, 2012), therefore chances are high that at least one child will be needing additional help inside a single classroom. According to research, these children show signs of reading and writing deficits between the ages of seven and thirteen years of age, (Vandewalle, Boets, Ghesquière, & Inge, 2012...

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