Essay about The Speech Delivered By Dwight David Eisenhower

Essay about The Speech Delivered By Dwight David Eisenhower

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On January 17th, 1961, Dwight David Eisenhower surprised the entire nation with his farewell speech. Instead of doing an emotional good bye speech, he came strong. He hit the airwaves in a different manner than any other former presidents had done before, making an impact on society. His delivery of the speech was successful as he warned the United States about the future “military-industry complex” . He addressed the solution to how to keep balance in the nation in a monotonous and not so well rehearsed manner, but it was successful.
Eisenhower addressed the question of policy during his speech. According to Cindy L. Griffin’s book, Invitation to Public Speaking, fifth edition, the question of policy addresses the best course of action or solution to a problem (p.282). Eisenhower focused on the nation’s necessity of keeping balance, in other words the necessity to keep peace in the country. He didn’t just say why the nation has to keep at peace if we ever find ourselves facing new threats, but he also addressed the course of action to keeping peace. Eisenhower only mentioned two vital elements to the nation’s balance: military establishment and time. He said “A vital element in keeping the peace is our military establishment ”, (Eisenhower,1961, p.2) and he later on added “Another factor in maintaining balance involves the element of time” (p.3) These vital elements are basically are the best course of action, meaning to say the answer to the question of policy.

While listening and looking at the speech, I noticed the way he delivered the speech was boring. The way he delivered his speech is a very recurrent style in that period of time. You can’t blame them, since culture changes through out time, and if you watch speeche...

... middle of paper ...

...and expressions, and it seemed like it lacked rehearsing. If Eisenhower were to deliver this speech today I would recommend him to actually believe what he was saying because it seemed that he was just reading it for the purpose of the ceremony. If actually believe what he was saying his facial expressions and inflection would’ve improved a lot, therefore delivering a more a audience-centered speech. I would encourage him to have more preparation time, he had some mistakes while delivering the speech. For example at the beginning of the speech you can notice that he got confused or lost track of where he as at that point of speech, to be precise you can see it after 50 second of the speech have passed. If he did the my previous suggesting his speech would’ve been more pleasurable and enjoyable to watch and hear, and easier to understand to his goals with the speech.

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