Essay on Speech And Language Pathology Program

Essay on Speech And Language Pathology Program

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We are writing to you collectively to provide feedback in regards to the program in its entirety as well as the request to address concerns that the aforementioned individuals have. To begin with, we would like to express our appreciation for the Master of Science Speech and Language Pathology program here at the Miami Campus. We can all agree that it has been a valuable learning experience and has motivated us and introduced us to the journey we will be experiencing as we become the future SLPs of tomorrow, as well as the pioneers of the program here at Albizu University. We, as students, all strive for excellence in all aspects of the classroom and the program to ensure that we obtain and fulfill the competencies that are expected of us. We would like to praise our previous and some of our current professors for welcoming questions, comments, concerns, as well as being able to go above and beyond to assist us so that we may better comprehend the material. Even when there were questions from students that presented a need for further research, our professors never failed to seek the information and that is something we are grateful for. However, all of us would like to express our concerns in regards to our reading and writing disorders class since we have previously attempted to with the professor directly but to no avail have seen any resolutions or compromise on the professor’s part. We would like to mention the distinction between this professor and having spoken to other professors in regards to concerns and have not experienced any issues with them in their willingness to assist us or provide us with effective resources for the purpose of becoming a better and prepared student.
We, as students, understand that every profes...

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...nnot answer questions efficiently and refuses to provide extra guides, the students feel disheartened. Ultimately, there is no effective communication in this course and the professor does not convey a positive attitude towards students which causes undue stresses that are not typically experienced.
Overall, we are writing this letter in hopes that we can arrange a meeting with you as a whole to be able to further discuss this matter to come to a resolution. Those who signed below are all in accordance with this letter and agree with the following statements as these events have occurred on multiple occasions. Again, we always speak of this program with high regard and are honored to be students of the Master of science in speech and language pathology and hope that by allowing us to be heard not only helps improve the program but shapes the way for future students.

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