Essay on Speech About Her Past, Present And Future

Essay on Speech About Her Past, Present And Future

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Aileena Dao presented her speech with the directions by stating a clear thesis in the first part of the speech about her past, present and future. The points where clear from the start, she started with her past and how she is part of many different scholastic organizations in college or what she has been apart of that has really carried on with her. She then went on to her next statement which was about her present situation living in Biloxi and going to MGCCC to ultimately become a pharmacist. Aileena then went on to tell us that she would hope the best for her future in her career as a pharmacist and her move to New Orleans to attend senior college at Xavier. She was proficient with her word choices and didn’t ramble on much about unnecessary things. She kept to her topics.
Aileena really seems to show great skills in both the verbal and non-verbal areas. Her voice appears to be pleasant and expressive! She doesn’t really her anxiety show that she stated she has had since a kid in her speech. Her posture throughout the video seemed to be up to par, she doesn’t really move around too much without reason for doing such. She keeps eye contact with her audience throughout the speech fairly well I though. Verbally she really was proficient in all areas except where she once got stopped up and forgot what she needed to say once in the speech, I’d just say she should work on practicing her speech a little more before giving it. As for non-verbal, she does just as good of job. I would just try to contain my movements just a little bit when giving the next speech and only move when your getting what your saying, not so much the anxiety need to move.
I would honestly rate the speech about an 8 on a scale of 10. She really did a good jo...

... middle of paper ...

...use there is a lack of tone in my voice and volume of it needs to be just a little louder. My non- verbal qualities seem to just a little lacking too, I could have been more enthusiastic while giving the speech and not seemed so tired looking. I tend to be moving my hands too much too through out the speech. I need to try to focus more on the audience and not make so many unnecessary moves.
I would rate myself a 7 out of 10, because of my verbal and non- verbal issues that I demonstrated thought out the speech. I think my form was comfortable though. I clearly stated everything and retold them audience what I told them in the end. I tried to be personable with the audience, but I think I might have been a little more enthusiastic if I wouldn’t have been under the weather. I believe that we will all benefit from this class thought all become better public speakers!

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