Specific Modifications for Students Essay

Specific Modifications for Students Essay

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 What exam modifications can the Garcia expect for Virginia?
Sensory examinations are almost the same for adults, infants, young children, and aging adults. But due to different level of development, some aspects of the exams are being modified in other to meet the need of patients from every age group, and to help examiner acquire an accurate result. Garcia should expect some modifications when taking Virginia her two year old daughter for complete nursing assessments. The modification includes:
Hearing exam modifications:
 During external ear examination, the examiner will examine Virginia’s external ear to confirm if the top of her pinna is in alignment with the imaginary line that comes from the corner of her eye (Jarvis, 2013, p. 335).
 Otoscopic examination will be done towards the end of the exam because Virginia tends to lose cooperation afterwards this part of the examination (Jarvis, 2013, p. 335). Also, Garcia will be needed to stabilize child during examination in other to avoid injury.
 Virginia’s pinna will be pulled down in other to align it with the ear canal slope when inserting the otoscope. (Jarvis, 2013, p. 335), and a pneumatic (inflated) bulb is attached to the otoscope which will allow examiner to direct air toward the inner ear in other to evaluate how well the air can respond to pressure. (Jarvis, 2013, p. 335)

Vision exam modifications
 Allen test is used instead of the Sellen test. Allen test is used to screen young children from 11 months to 2½ years old, which is Virginia’s age group falls in. In this test, Virginia will be shown seven picture cards with familiar objects while the pictures are shown at distance of 15 feet, and close to her face. If she is able to identify three out of s...

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...had a hearing and eye examination, and it went really well. For the eye testing, I was asked to stand 20 feet away from a chart of different alphabets with different sizes, and I was asked to cover my right eye with my right hand while I read out the letters, while the same process was repeated for the left eye. Also, during the hearing test, I was asked to sit in a little quiet room where I was given an ear phone and a buzzer to press anytime I hear sounds through the ear phone. This process was repeated for about 10 minutes .

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