Specific Example Of Leadership Abilities Essay

Specific Example Of Leadership Abilities Essay

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Describe one specific example of leadership abilities

As a sophomore at Oklahoma State University, I had the opportunity to serve on the Parade and Bands Homecoming Steering Committee as the Parade Chairman. After nearly a year of planning, I acted as the primary point of contact for the parade entries. Once the day of the parade came, it quickly began to take place with everything running smoothly. Then, as the last entries were driving by, all of a sudden several emergency vehicles and first responders drove past me heading towards the end of the parade route. There was an unforeseeable accident that shook the town of Stillwater and the OSU Cowboy family, and it took a lot to move on from the heartbreaking and tragic event. After all of the events that transpired in the year before, I did not know which committee I wanted. However, I did know that I did not want to be a part of the parade again, because I knew the challenge that it would be to move on from the accident. After ranking it last, I was naturally given the Parade and Bands committee to lead by a decision of the Homecoming Advisors. Going forward, I had to set aside my aspirations to ensure that the Parade was a happy and optimistic event that also paid tribute to the lives that were lost or changed from the accident. After several of my ideas failed to gain approval from the Alumni Association Directors, I finally had my first breakthrough in planning the Sea of Orange Parade with the Grand Marshal selection. Rather than having a celebrity or notable alumni lead the parade this year, representatives of the nine different groups of first responders from the previous year would open the event. From there, I was able to gain approval on an idea to pay tribute to ...

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...in depth agriculturally focused program. After completing the L.L.M. Program (and hopefully the Oklahoma Bar Exam), I want to come back to Oklahoma and work at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry as an attorney in the General Counsel’s office. My passion truly lies with advancing the state’s agricultural industry through policy, legislation, and defending it in a variety of ways through the legal system. By working at Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, my efforts could combine all of these areas in a variety of ways, whether its helping shape the Department’s stance on certain regulations and bills or defending the Department in any lawsuits that it faced. After several years of gaining significant exposure in these areas, I would hope to continue my career with a legal firm in Oklahoma representing agricultural interest groups.

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