The Species Of Crab, Rabbits, Squirrels, And Salamanders Essay

The Species Of Crab, Rabbits, Squirrels, And Salamanders Essay

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It is kind of amazing when you realize how many animals are native to your own backyard, especially when you have never seen much more than garter snakes, squirrels, and salamanders growing up. In Staten Island alone, there have also been sightings of Red-tailed hawks, beavers, moles, and of course, the white-tailed deer that have run rampant in recent years. Yet these animals just scratch the surface of the organisms that frequent the forgotten borough. Many of them are harder to notice because of their smaller size and the fact that they have other means of getting on the island than just walking across a bridge or flying into one of Staten Island’s many trees. One particular marine animal belongs to the arthropod phylum and it has burrowed in the sands of the Island’s beaches for years, hailing from as far away as Asia and Europe. For that reason, the species of crab is called the Asian Shore Crab.
In Latin, the Asian shore crab is referred to as the hemigrapsus sanguinues of the phylum anthropoda. This phylum groups animals that have jointed legs, like crabs and insects (John S., n.d). The first part of its name, hemigrapsus, is the genus under which the crab is classified, while the latter part, sanguinues, is Latin for its species name. Hemigrapsus is the term collectively referring to crabs with a rectangular body smaller than two inches that have three teeth behind their eyes (John S., n.d). To be more specific, Asian shore crabs range from 1.4 to 1.7 inches wide and they have a few distinguishing features to set them apart in their genus (Cornell University, 2015). The fact that they have three teeth around their eyes, for one, gives a distinguishing feature between them and Green crabs, which have five teeth. They have a...

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...decide on a topic because it involves organisms in relation to their environment, which is pretty important considering a lot of animals’ environments are deteriorating in today’s modern times. As someone who wants to find ways to help the situation, learning about different creatures outside my usual area of knowledge seemed like a good place to start. I will admit that I did not expect crabs to catch and hold my interest as much as they did when I initially heard “Asian Shore Crabs.” I learned a lot of interesting facts just researching the species, like how they eat other sea creatures and actually move into their habitats when they are finished. These little crabs are definitely tougher than they look and that opened my eyes to the realization that no animal is too small to be significant. Even the smallest animals can have really big impacts on the environment.

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