The Species And Natural Habitats Essay

The Species And Natural Habitats Essay

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Isopods have the highest species diversity in natural habitats such as wetlands and natural forests. The species richness in these habitats is directly correlated to the presence of both the species typical to natural areas and the synanthropic ones. The high diversity in these areas can be contributed to terrestrial isopods showing a preference for moist environments with large amounts of organic matter available (FERENTI et al 2013). The terrestrial isopod is known as a crustacean and they show a preference in these moist environments mainly because the have gills for breathing. Since they have gills they must stay in areas that tend to have more moisture (Ayari et al 2016). Environments similar to natural rain forests and wetlands tent to have a more acidic soils. These acidic soils are rich in metals that are nutritious for the isopods. In these moist environment isopods can find soils and leaves that contain large quantities of cadmium and many other heavy metals. They consume these heavy metals and in turn effectively clean up the soil (Mann et al 2005).
Terrestrial isopods tend to inhabit moist acidic environments but what would happen if the isopod could choose its preferred habitat (Mann et al 2005). Specifically, what would an isopod choose when given the option of a neutral PH, an acidic PH, or a basic PH. The reasoning for this experiment sets out to gather supporting evidence as to which environment an isopod would favor when given an immediate choice. What was tested was whether terrestrial isopods would show a preference when given the choice between the following variables; RO water and RO water (the negative control), an acidic solution and RO water (the positive control), an acidic solution against a basic solut...

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...came when the isopods were given the option between a basic solution and acid solution. In this instance and equal distribution was also found (Figure 4).
According to the data collected from this experiment and the experiment the isopods should have leaned toward the acidic environment. Instead the data collected resulted in an equal split between the acid and the base. This is most likely due to major design flaw in that not enough isopods were tested during each trial. This lead the numbers to be to close to each other and not allow for a deviation to occur. This is why the numbers resembled random chance and not the acid favoring we desired. In future investigations a simple way to correct this problem would be to add more isopods per trail. Running a trial with upwards of around a 100 isopods would yield greater results and allow the data to be more consistent.

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