Essay on Specialist Placement Programs in Nurse Training

Essay on Specialist Placement Programs in Nurse Training

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,,Reflection is a process of receiving an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate, and so inform learning about practice...’’ said Reid (1993).

It was one of the specialist placements during the second year of General Nursing programme. From 7th of February 2014 I started my work experience in Mental Health Unit 9A over Merlin Park Hospital in Galway. This specialist placement gave me opportunity to work under the guidance of a preceptor - one of the registered psychiatric nurses with people who suffer from mental health problems. To help in this reflective practice assignment, I have chosen Gibbs Reflective Cycle model. It is broken into clear steps: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan (Gibbs, 1988). This structure can help to outline thoughts and feelings. Discussion will include my existing knowledge and the evidence based for the clinical skill. According to Cooney (1999) I will summarize my personal reflection and show how that situation had an impact on my personal and professional development and also of my future practice. To respect and protect the patient’s confidentiality, names and details have been changed.


I was allocated in Unit 9A. This Unit was built in a 1950s in the east side of Galway City. Its main purpose is to provide treatment and rehabilitation to the residents. The aim of the unit is to enable patients to achieve the highest possible level of functioning and provide the best quality of life (Galway University Hospitals, 2010).
First contact wasn’t pleasure for me. Old building. I remember strong smell of cigarettes all over the place, even all windows were open. It was my first psychiatric placement and I didn’t know wha...

... middle of paper ...

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