Essay on Special Skills And Qualities That Can Benefit Our Volunteer Program

Essay on Special Skills And Qualities That Can Benefit Our Volunteer Program

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Please state your reasons for volunteering along with any of your special skills and qualities that would benefit our volunteer program. (Please do not exceed the allotted space.)
The volunteer program would allow me to help the community of Ronald Regan Hospital, as well as gain experience of working in a Hospital environment. I have an interest in Nursing and want to learn about healthcare from a clinical perspective, while helping patients feel better. My interest in Nursing stems from my involvement in an organization called Volunteers of America, which allowed me to be a caretaker for a girl named Maya who has autism; a developmental disorder that affects how she relates and communicates with others, and affects how she makes sense of the world around her.
As Maya’s caretaker, I not only monitored her health, but I became her friend, her confidante and her trusted adviser. The more I worked with her, the more I learned about her personality, health routine, and behaviors, as well as my passion for comforting her and making her feel better. I had to help her communicate with others and teach her skills that many of us take for granted, like starting a conversation or making friends. I also taught her skills to help her cope with stressful situations that would trigger her anxiety. For example, if she were in a loud room that would cause her to become anxious, I would teach her breathing techniques and how to positive self-talk.
Watching her struggle in social situations was disheartening, however knowing that I was someone she can turn to whenever she needed help and teaching her how to become more independent gave me a sense of fulfillment. Working with Maya has brought great purpose to my life because I know I have hel...

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... other struggling students. It was not until my involvement in AAP that I felt a part of a community at UCLA. Not only did students within AAP share my similar background, but were also committed to overcoming their personal educational barriers. Seeing other students sharing my educational struggle motivated and empowered me to take control of my educational experience and become a better well-rounded student.
Now that I found a balance as a student, I want to be a resource for others and help them cope with stress and help them find that a community. The nursing volunteer program would allow me to work with individuals who may be staying in the hospital for long periods of time, providing me with that opportunity to make a difference and make them feel apart of a community. I want to be that person that supports and helps others get through rough situations.

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