Essay about The Special Period Of Cuba

Essay about The Special Period Of Cuba

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Cuba is changing. The “special period” has ended and Cuba is progressing out of its heavily ruling fist. A change in power and new relations with the United States has sparked cultural changes in Cuba, but not without dissonance. One of the largest fears in Cuba is of how to adapt to new policy and adopt the new ways of thinking. Amid signs of change and growth, many Cubans are hesitant to believe in a new structure of government and are tending to resort back to old habits and following old practices
The “special period” was a time of trouble in Cuba. Following a loss of trading partners and increased shortages, compensation was needed. The new austerity measures, the period especial, were designed protect Cuba’s depleting resources. As Louis A. Pérez explains in his analysis of post-cold war Cuban in Cuba Between Reform and Revolution, “Life settled into a grim and unremitting cycle of scarcity, in which shortage begat shortage and where some of the most basic daily needs of daily life… could be satisfied only by Herculean efforts” (Pérez, 294). Deteriorating economic conditions forced a rationing protocol on Cuban designed for drastic measures in response to war. Production deteriorated and jobs were cut off. Trading decreased drastically and acquiring the basic needs for life was difficult.
As a nation, Cuba was struggling. In defending himself before the government’s board, Castro stated of the health of the nation, “Only death can liberate one from so much misery” (Chomsky, 310). The “special period” was wearing citizens thin. While medicine remained stable seen in decreased mortality rates and low doctor to patient ratios, morale and available resources plummeted to new lows. The government became more concerned with ide...

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...countries” (Whitefield). Obama’s directive serves to protect Cubans and Americans. It hints to a time of concern and hesitation, but the new plan stands to force forward motion with full support away from the “special period”.
Cubans are still fearful of a return to previous Cuban practices. As Karina Marrón González, a director of the Communist Party newspaper stated, “We are creating a perfect storm… this country cannot take another ’93, another ’94” (Burnett). They are hesitant Cuba could turn back to times similar to the “special period”. The Cuban government has shown signs of tribulation, retracting applications for private restaurants and offering insight into an approaching oil crisis. Combined with symbolic departures of the new Cuba seen with baseball defectors, there is evidence of a concern that Cuba could return to a rendition of the “special period”.

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