Essay on Special Forces Chemical Detachments

Essay on Special Forces Chemical Detachments

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Special Forces Chemical Detachments

The Chemical Corp is made up of many unconventional units all with unique training that is specifically tailored to their mission. A mission most people would never conceive to volunteer for. One of those groups is the Special Forces Chemical Detachment or (CDA’s). This specialized group is better known as a Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment (CRD) or a Chemical Decontamination Detachment (CDD). Each team is constructed in a unique manner, their purpose each individually crucial, created at a time when the world it most.
The Special Forces have always been an elite unit that the American people, all military members, and the rest of the world could view as the best of the best. Building this reputation is just like in any other unit, there are support elements specifically designed to be able to assist the Special Forces to accomplish any mission, impeccably by land, sea, or air. Special Forces Groups contain two chemical detachments; the Chemical Decontamination Detachment and the Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment. The mission of the Special Operations Force Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (SOF CBRN) forces is to provide Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance and surveillance support for Special Operating Forces (SOF) in support of strategic, operational, and tactical objectives in all environments (Army, 2007).

Special Forces Chemical Detachments
Each Special Operations Force group is assigned two specialized Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBRN) units to perform reconnaissance and decontamination operations. The Special Operations Chemical Response Detachment (CRD) is responsible for conducting chemical reconnaissance in secrecy, ...

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