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Special Education Law And Policies Essay

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It’s important that a principal understands the requirements of the special education law and policies. Failure to meet the requirements of special education law and policies could lead to a school losing federal funding and a principal or other administrator to lose their job or be demoted. In Florida the term Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is the name given to educational programs and services for students with special learning needs including those who have disabilities and those who are gifted. For a student to be considered eligible for the ESE program they must fall into a specific category of disability as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Two major components of IDEA are the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).
An IEP is a written plan of action for a student with a disability that is developed, reviewed, and revised. Those that take part in the process of writing an IEP include parents, at least one regular education teacher of the student and at least one special education teacher of the student. An IEP must be in effect at the beginning of each school year and must be reviewed and revised if needed at least once per year. An IEP must be developed within 30 days following the determination of a student’s eligibility for special education under IDEA.
The major component of the IEP development and revision are the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the student; results of the students recent assessments and when appropriate the adjustment of strategies that work with behavior, language, visual, hearing and communication issues that have potential to impede the student’s learning. Another consideration is whether the student r...

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...r a plan to help the student become more successful. It may be just the one general education teacher or all who attend and communicate their concerns. The “team” would then decide what accommodations would best help the student. Each situation and each student is very unique and different.
When discussing how WFHS teachers and School staff feel about the LRE and IEP process, Alford stated:
Teachers at WFHS overall feel good about the LRE and the IEP process as a whole. Some teachers who have been in the field for years do tend to resist changes to the process, especially considering how frequent and drastic some changes can be. New teachers can be a little hesitant of the process because they do not fully understand its importance. School staff members feel that the process works due to the collaboration between parents, students and staff members. (Alford, 2015)

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