Special Education Is The Practice Of Educating Students With Special Educational Needs

Special Education Is The Practice Of Educating Students With Special Educational Needs

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Special education is the practice of educating students with special educational needs by addressing their individual needs and differences. This process involves the individually planned arrangements of teaching procedures, adapted materials and equipment as well as accessible settings designed to help students with special needs to achieve a higher level of education and success. Usually parents that who has a child with special needs would like for their child to receive a quality education. People understand when talking about or describing a child with special needs that the child has educational needs, or has learning difficulties or disabilities for instance it is harder for them to learn than other children.
When my oldest son was in 7th grade, he was a little slow to understand when the teacher was lecturing, he was behind in class work and he missed some homework. Consequently, he was having this problem for a long period of time, furthermore the teacher sets up an appointment for a conference recommending my son for special education classes. When I asked why, she explained about the missing homework and assignments Eleven years ago when this incident happened, I did not know much about special classes or programs, but thinking of a way for my son to improve his grades I accepted with little knowledge of the program.
Moreover to my surprise my son was falling into depression and he mentioned that the other students and believer or not the teacher as well was calling him funny names, therefore he does not want to be in special needs classes suddenly he improved his grades and he graduated with honors. Nevertheless, my question is still up in the air about the process of selecting students with sp...

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...on for special education students, nonetheless students generally are more supportive. In the other hand the more positive belief of the special education program appear to be reflected in the beliefs of the teachers in the inclusion classrooms. Summarizing my opinion it is altogether inclusion in regular classrooms is essential and it is an advantage for the special education to exist because there are a lot of teachers that are struggling with students who seems bright but sometimes for some reasons they are struggling academically like my son was years ago.
Fortunately there is a solution in the special education program even dough in my opinion the program needs more support from principals and specialists it is a good program because as I mentioned before it helps students with education or special needs to feel integrated instead of segregated.

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