Special Education For Children With Disabilities Essay

Special Education For Children With Disabilities Essay

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Special education is a “specifically designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique
needs of a child with a disability, including instruction conducted in the classroom, in the home, in
hospitals and institutions, and in other settings; and instruction in physical education” (IDEA,
2004). Today, many students require certain accommodations and some require modifications of
the curriculum to help them master the skills in the classroom. There are thirteen categories of
disabilities in special education; specific learning disability, speech or language impairment,
mental retardation (intellectual disability), emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, hearing
impairments, visual impairment (including blindness), autism, traumatic brain injury, and
developmental delay. Before a student is removed from the general education classroom there are
steps in which a set of different people work together to decide what would work best for that
Students with Disabilities
Once a student has been having a difficult time in the general education classroom, the
teacher as well as an IEP team develop an IEP (Individualized Education Program), which is “a
written statement of the plan designed to meet the student’s special needs and to ensure that an
appropriate education is provided.”(Coarusso, O”Rouke, Leontovich. 36). The purpose of the IEP
is to place the student into an appropriate classroom or to modify the lessons just for that student
so that s/he can understand the concepts of the lesson better. The importance of not overlooking a
student who is having difficulties in class is extremely crucial. In “Misunderstood Minds Chapter
6” , Adam Dunnings had been overlooked by each one of his teachers ...

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...le draws the students into it and makes it easier for them to understand what is being taught. By showing empathy to their students, the teachers are showing the class that they relate to them and understand what the students feel. Even though I am just observing their class, I feel comfortable and actually enjoy listening to their lessons and jot down some keywords which they used and examples which I can use one day in one of my lessons. Inclusive classrooms require more work for the educators than the general education classroom does. After seeing both teachers teach it just showed me how much more rewarding it must be for them to see all kinds of different students learning in their own pace but mastering the curriculum. I have learned a lot from observing their classroom and believe that inclusion is necessary in helping students achieve their goals in education

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