Essay on Special Education Department And Services

Essay on Special Education Department And Services

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Project #5
Administrators play an important role in the special education department and services. Administrators and paraeducators are an essential and equal member of the education team. Their main role based on IDEA 2004 is to limit the amount of paperwork, support all teachers involved in the special education services, create effective teamwork, and promote professional development (Madigan, J. & Scorth, G, pg. 27). The administrators, such as the principal, are responsible for clear communication and collaboration within the entire team. It is the school administrations responsibility to make sure their teachers are prepared and developed to teach special education. They are responsible for maintaining the legal rules and guidelines associated with IDEA, and making sure all students are provided the opportunities to learn and succeed in school. The school administration is responsible for the success and implementation of special education services. They work with all educators to create collaborative relationships and culture that focuses its responsibility on the learning of all students (Madigan, J. & Scorth, G, 29). A study called, Setting the Direction: The Role of the Principal in Developing an Effective, Inclusive School, completed a qualitative case study that examined the principal’s role that contributed to the inclusive schools success. The study concluded that the principal plays a huge role in leadership by supporting and collaborating with teachers, redesigning the organization, improving the working conditions, and providing quality instruction in all settings (2011).
I interviewed an administrator named Tracie, who works for an urban school district. She holds a master’s degree in education administration an...

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...s must be on acceptance, belonging and community for all members of their population (Salend, pg. 7). The communication between core teachers, special education teachers, and the paraeducators need to be the focus of any student’s success. The future of students with special needs relies on the schools hiring professional educators who able to work and educate students with special needs. The schools must implement training and professional development that meets the guidelines to achieve success. I think a key factor in the future of special education is technology. Technology will be the glue that binds the educational teachings and the special need students together. Technology will be used in independent learning and small groups to better assist all students. Students will be able to learn at their own pace rather than being left behind in whole group learning.

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