Special Education And Rehabilitation Services Essay

Special Education And Rehabilitation Services Essay

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Positive Changes
Special education had changes that were beneficial for students with disabilities such as Transitional Services, Teacher education and Policy and Process.. The ensuing paper will review the progression of Special education which entails both positive and negative changes and reform.

The positive change that have impacted Special education is transitional services supports that assist students before graduating from school. For example, some students individualized Education program have vocational training instead of academics programs to assist in preparing to function when school is completed. Students with disabilities are given resources to prepare for the working environment in the community by visiting places such as a Day Habitatation Library, and others. Schools are required to equip students with the goals they will need to be able to work. “ The special education and rehabilitation services identified transition from school to work as a major priority in special education, ,research ,and various demonstration activities have aimed to improve the transition of individuals school to work, postsecondary educayion, and community living. the office of special education and rehabilitation services that will identified transition to work as a major federal priority in special education research and various demonstration activities have aimed to improve the transition of indiviuals with disabilities from school to work , postsecondary education and community living. In 1990, the Disabilities education act for all Handicapped Children Act adding a new mandate regarding transition to the IEP for all students age 16 and older beginning n...

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...(b) agency personnel contribute to new policies that will guide services,(c) leadership provides ongoing support for innovative practices; (d) staff development essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes; and € agency procedures, goals, roles, and assignments are aligned with the change.” (p1)
When schools want to influence changes in schools that will last it will affect the agencies procedures, practices, policies, staff development changes. Staff development is essential for changes that take place during the process of implementing change. The parents of these students should continue to receive progress reports on how the students is performing in the classroom
The special educational modifications over the years have been very helpful in accomplishing changes in

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