Speaking With An Alum From The Business School Essay

Speaking With An Alum From The Business School Essay

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speaking with an alum from the business school, to having a cheerful, relaxed and more casual personality while being on the phone with a Trinity alum who graduated the previous year. Sometimes, the changes are subtle and even out of the control of the caller. After countless repetitions of behaviors, the personality the caller adopts seems natural, as if the persona he performs is his own.
Performance of different personalities is omnipresent at the Phonathon. Even during the training process, the rehearsal of different personality traits and identities during mock phone calls can be overwhelming for the future caller. What may seem as the mockery of personality, can in fact represent the development of traits of the person’s identity being constructed through the process of repetition of behaviors. Furthermore, it is impossible to not notice the ongoing shifts is body gestures, voice tones, and even facial expressions that change depending on the context of the conversation. Some behaviors are so convincing and natural that it becomes impossible to discern between the person’s own behaviors, and those adopted for the performance during the call. When I was at the Phonathon, I was able to sit next to one of the most successful callers. She had been working for the program for three years, and her success as a caller was recognized when she was the first person the supervisors would choose as the perfect trainer for new callers. Also, her abilities were acknowledged by the fact that she was one of the few callers in the room who was experienced enough to call a pool of important alumni. Her impeccable performance of personalities, and her ability to adapt to the changes in the work environment have allowed her the “privilege” of...

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...a member of a Greek organization. Most of the calls require a certain level of acting, and that acting can be perceived in the way callers carry themselves. While talking to this person, the caller seemed natural, there was little or not performance of a different personality at all. The caller’s personality remained constant, as he did not try to imitate or adapt to the personality of the alum. In fact, the caller acted as if the person in the other side of the phone were a friend, and he did not need to accommodate his personality. Except for the exaggerated interest in what the alum has done while at Duke, the caller did not exhibit a major identity shift. Out of all the calls I was able to witness that day, this was the one were natural conversation and behaviors were most obvious. The tone of the conversation, and the person being addressed did not require major

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