Speaking Different Languages Can Be Taught Essay

Speaking Different Languages Can Be Taught Essay

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Speaking different languages can be done by some, but may be very tough for others. When coming into a new culture, it is difficult to learn all the languages and beliefs all at one time. People that don’t speak the same vernacular as one who speaks a different language should and will be allowed in the future. We, blacks, whites, and all other races, need to be able to communicate whether it is the same language or different languages.
I have been out of the country numerous times with my family. I have been to Mexico twice and both times I was under the age of 13. Going into a different county with a different vernacular at a very young age is clearly a disadvantage because I haven’t had the chance to study or learn another language during the course of my educational career. As I mentioned before, my parents were the type of people that didn’t really know or understand the vernacular, but still went into the culture hoping for the best.
When I hear languages other than the English language in America, I became agitated because I felt that if you are going to come to America, then the language should be practiced prior to the arrival. After those trips to Mexico, it really changed my views of speaking other languages that were not specifically from that general area. For example, if people are going to come into a new country, it is going to take some time to learn a completely new language and culture.
America is supposed to be the land of a new beginning, and if we are going to discriminate other religions and cultures coming into the U.S. because they don’t know how to speak english, then how can we call ourselves ‘The land of the free”. The second reason that my thoughts and feeling changed drastically about people not k...

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...g to be forever long the BE population is not going to alive, but also growing at a rapid rate. The evidence of the BE growing is a great example of why we should not only allow it to continue to grow, but we should allow it to be used in a variety of different settings and community.
Most people think that 's speaking and sending their own message is the only form of communication, but in fact listening for understanding the speakers message is just as important as communicating the message. In order for the listener to understand that message the speaker must talking away at the listener will be a will to comprehend the message. As Bell Hooks says best, “This is the oppressor 's language yet I need it to talk to you.” What Bell Hooks is trying to say is that she doesn 't understand the language that she needs talk to them but yet she needs it in order speak to them.

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