The Spartans Were A Warrior

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The Spartans were a prominent ancient warrior society in Greek history. They were founded by Lacedaemon, a son of Zeus, in mythology. They named the city Sparta after his wife. There was no possible way for the Spartans to be successful for an extended period of time. The Spartans rose to military power around 650 BC and held power for over three hundred years. Spartan society was complex with the women having most of the freedoms men had. The Spartans were a warrior based society that was incredibly powerful during ancient times and the things that made them powerful to begin with, also led to their downfall in the end. The Spartan’s were a highly developed warrior based society. They came into the major military power through their highly developed military strategy. The men were required to be a part of the military if they were to be future citizens. The Spartans had a highly revered group of men, who decided if a child was weak or strong and if they would live to become a good asset to the country. When they decided if they were bad, they would kill all those deemed insufficient. The strong boys were often bathed in wine and raised by their mothers until the age of seven, when they were placed in the agoge (Andrews, 2013). When they turned seven they were taken away and trained to kill. The boys were kept in a very strict training structure. They were educated while in the agoge, which is the training structure with instructors teaching them the proper Spartan way. They were trained to show no fear, and if they did, they would be beaten. The boys were trained in military strategy from close hand combat to formations until they were highly skilled in all aspects of war. The men would choose boys to fight each other and forc... ... middle of paper ... ...en Athens and the Spartan nation. They fought from 431 to 404 BC, by them and their enormous empires. The war was called the Peloponnesian War and was split into three phrases. The first phase was was caled the Archidamian War. This part was when the Spartans attacked Attica repeatedly, and in return the Athenians used their superior navy to stop any uprisings along the coast of Peloponnese. This phase lasted only a short period, until the signing of the Peace of Nicias. A few years later, after more small skirmishes Athens sent in a massive force of men to attack Syracuse, Sicily, and the entire force was wiped out in under two years (Ober, 2016). This led to the final part of the war. The Spartans had ensured the help of the Persians, and they used this to support the rebels in Athens and eventually undermine the whole empire and successfully destroying their navy.

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