Spart A Unique City State Of Ancient Greece Essay

Spart A Unique City State Of Ancient Greece Essay

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Ancient Greece was culture rich society comprised of multiple city-states that were located throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Even though these areas were in close proximity to each other their cultures, beliefs, and customs varied extensively. Some of these city-states focused on a traditional way of things where as others went on to form their own way of doing things. Sparta was by far the superior city-state in ancient Greece. This was due to its unique culture, its strong soldiers and army, and its inclusion and recognition of women in society.
Sparta was a unique city-state in ancient Greece. It was a monarchy must like most of ancient Greece in its early days, then moved into what is called an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. In Sparta’s case, they appointed two kings to keep everything and everyone in balance. Sparta also had five ephors, or overseers, who were senior Spartan magistrates. Theses ephors were annually elected to supervise their two kings’ actions (108).
A major factor of the creation of Sparta’s unique culture was the Spartan conquest of Messenia. Messenia was a neighboring region of Sparta which was taken over by the Spartans for their land and resources. The Messenian’s were also forced to become state owned slaves, also known as Helots. In around 650b.c.e. the Messenians revolted against the Spartans and waged a battle with them for almost 20 years. The Helots were poised to cause a major issue for the aristocrats of Sparta and the wealthy Spartans knew this. The aristocrats of Sparta asked for help from the common folk to defeat the Helots and regain control of their city-state. An allied force of Spartans were able to defeat ...

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... would often take full control of the family land. Spartan women had more political and economic influence that any other group of women in ancient Greece (108).
Thanks to its unique culture, strong army and soldiers, and its recognition and inclusion of women on society, Sparta was the superior state in ancient Greece. The Spartans eventually disappeared into the history books like the rest of ancient Greece, however they will always be known for their ferocity and toughness. The women of Sparta paved the way for women of today by showing that they were just as important to the success of the city-state as their warrior men were. The Spartan culture is one to look back at and learn from as they were truly an epic civilization who did not play by the rules of their neighbors and who were not afraid to defend and die for the ultimate good of their strong city-state.

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