Sparkles at Young Age Impacts Adult Life Essays

Sparkles at Young Age Impacts Adult Life Essays

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Sparkles at Young Age Impacts Adult Life
An Argumentative Essay on Beauty Pageants
Dancing on stage in tiny, sequenced outfits, consuming tons of sugar and energy drinks, and being embellished with spray tans, fake hairpieces, and heavy makeup seems like a lot of fun for young girls. The chance to dress up like a princess and win tiaras or money is every little girl’s dream. Sadly, they do not know any better and are getting involved in activities that they should not be attracted to. According to Martina M. Cartwright’s article, “Beauty pageant participation has skyrocketed since the late 1990’s, and today more than 16,000 natural and glitz child pageants are held annually in the United States, with an estimated 290,000 contestants” (1105). Writer Lucy Wolfe, states in her article that many bloggers have scolded the parents of young girls for “pumping [their] young daughter full of uppers, teaching her that self-worth is tied to what other people think of her[,] and turning her into a total [expletive] monster” (429). She also describes a situation in January 2012 with a mother filing a $30 million lawsuit due to a public article that “[a]s a result, Isabella is now perceived sexually, erotically[,] and pornographically” (430). Unfortunately, Lindsay Lieberman states, “though commonly criticized for such outlandish and destructive practices the child pageant industry enjoys heightened success and widespread popularity” (745). The negative effects of children’s involvement in beauty pageants are becoming evident in their growth and development as young women. Examples include the physical, emotional, and societal lifetime challenges including body shame, perfectionism, depression, and eating disorders. Beauty pageants are brainwas...

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...o understand. Berry says, "I understand why public perspective tends to be so negative about the competitions, because they are little girls. I wish the public saw more about the experience we get," (Morgan). The health and happiness of the young contestants is more important than the luxury one gains if she wins.
If no one stops exposing young girls in beauty pageants, what are our next generations going to look like? Young girls running around portraying fake looks, turning into someone completely different from who they truly are. Although beauty pageants may reinforce the fairy tale that physical beauty guarantees fame, fortune, and happiness, this activity may tarnish the child with physical, emotional, and societal lifetime difficulties. The exposition of children to the glitz pageant circuit is becoming evident in their growth and development as young women.

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