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A mother with a low paying job, two children, and a wonderful husband picked her son up from his after-school babysitter's house on a beautiful, sunny day after a long day at work. Her son was bouncing up and down like a ball of joy as he explained his day at school to his mother while they walked to her 1989 Dodge mini-van to head home. On their way there, the scent of fields of harvested grain and the noise of people passing by with haste to get home to see their families drowned out the sound of the worn speakers as they played a collection of songs of the late 1990’s. That inducing smell was quickly overcome by the unexpected stench of gasoline that smothered the woman and her son as they entered their house. The boy went upstairs as his mother instructed, while she walked into the garage to see where that unpleasant odor was coming from. The boy waited at the top of the stairs impatiently to see what the smell was, when suddenly the most horrifying scream echoed through the house. She quickly rushed upstairs and picked up the boy and headed to the front yard. The boy dumbfounded by the sudden scream started to ask his mother what was wrong but was quickly interrupted by the sound of sirens shooting over the rooftops in their suburban neighborhood. His mother then proceeded to tell him that everything would be okay and that he didn't have to worry about a thing. Later that evening, a police officer came up to the boy and said the words that would stick in this child's head for the rest of his life. He said, "Son, you're the man of the house now." The boy didn't know what to make of this, he just knew that it was around the time when his father normally would arrived home from work, so he ran downstairs and waited on his father...

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...I do believe that society has fallen so deep into their wallets that the idea of helping others to succeed like they did is just too much to ask. But is it that hard? Open your eyes and next time your asked to, do everyone a favor and set an example by being one person who actually does spare some change.

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