Spank Or Not To Spank Essay

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Spank Or Not To Spank
Have you ever been out in public and a parent and child is having a fighting match because the child wants something that the parent want buy or the child just runs off while the parent is busy looking for something. What about the child that is laying on the floor kicking and screaming in an attempt to get there way. These particular scenarios happen all the time and parents are then put in a position to either disciple their child right on the spot by spanking their bottom or just speaking to the child in a harsh manner. Whatever manner you use to disciple your child is totally up to the parents. Disciple can and have caused families to disagree on the method that will be use to raise a child.
Spanking a child has come under serious criticism by professionals that have claimed to have study the affect of spanking a child. There is lots of information that can be confusing that talk about the long term effects of spanking a child. This article gives the opinion of a pediatrician view point on the pros and cons of spanking your child. "It has been said that spanking your child is a quick fix to a problem. The problem with spanking is that it teachers your child that it is ok to hit." .
It can be argued that spanking does not affect a child's behavior. Parents have used other methods of discipline for their children. Researchers have also suggested that these discipline methods will strengthen your parenting relationship with your child. Some of these ways are what is recommended as effective methods of discipline without spanking the child.
1) Time outs
2) Consequences of bad behavior
3) Redirection
Time-out: There are s...

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... have different style that would be consider extreme disciple for a child.
In conclusion, to spank or not to spank will continue to been a controversial subject. No one person will be able to say what is acceptable form of disciple for a child. Research will continue to be done and will continue to change based on information provided.

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