The Spanish Reign versus the Ottoman Empire Essay

The Spanish Reign versus the Ottoman Empire Essay

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Within my various numbers of sources I shall describe their importance to the topic and how they helped me answer the topic question. The Ottoman Empire, by Adriane Ruggiero, gives me a detailed and diverse form of looking at the Ottoman empire. The book includes various time periods for the creation of the Ottoman empire, it goes far back as when the Seljuk Turks first entered Anatolia until the shaping of the empire.

Spain in the Age of Exploration, by Heather Millar, allows me to learn about the rise of spain during the 15th and 16th century, as a world power. This book will allow me to learn about Spain’s emergence in the the focus of world history, and recognize whether it did a good job of earning the support of its people.

Culture Atlas of Spain and Portugal, by Mary Vincent, was able to dig deep into the Spanish population and their culture, as well as, how they got by, while their economy was down. It talks about the last Muslim kingdom in Spain: Granada, during the 15th century, and about the voyage of Christopher Columbus during the same time period. This book really looks at the events occurring in the lives of the everyday Spanish people and how they react to certain moments in History.

The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, by Sevket Pamuk, is a journal which specifically covers the impressionable changes that were occurring in the Ottoman state during the time period 1400 CE. This source has the ability to assist me into understanding the events and changes that were constantly occurring in the lives of the Ottomans conquered people, and how they reacted or dealt with those changes, as well as, their opinions towards their new state.

Journal of the American Oriental Society, by Abbas Hamdan, is a jou...

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...y wise, which reflected on the satisfaction of its subjects, and the longevity of its empire.

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