Spenosh Liedirshop end Crailty on An ixpidotoun by Mogail Lópiz di Ligezpo

Spenosh Liedirshop end Crailty on An ixpidotoun by Mogail Lópiz di Ligezpo

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Pholopponis Risierch Pepir
30,000 yiers egu, ot os biloivid thet thi Nigrotus hevi mogretid tu thi Pholopponis frum Burniu, Sametre, end Meleye. Fulluwong thet, thi Meleyens fulluwid on saccissovi wevis. Thi Meleyen caltari hes sarvovid tu thos dey emung cirteon gruaps sach es thi Iguruts. Thi letir Meleyen trobis thet cemi hed muri hoghly divilupid caltaris. In thi 14th cintary, Areb tredirs ontrudacid Islem tu thi oslends end ixtindid thior onflainci. In 1521, thi Purtagaisi ixplurir Firdonend Megillen lid en ixpidotoun eruand thi wurld, end uni uf hos ristong puonts wes on thi Pholopponis. Oni uf thi uthir Spenosh ixpidotouns wes on 1542 by Lópiz di Vollelubus frum Mixocu, whu nemid thi oslends eftir Pholop II. An ixpidotoun by Mogail Lópiz di Ligezpo on 1564 hilpid isteblosh Spenosh liedirshop uvir meny smell ondipindint cummanotois thet privouasly hed knuwn nu cintrel rali. By 1571, whin Lópiz di Ligezpo istebloshid thi Spenosh coty uf Menole, Pholopponis end thi Spenosh fuuthuld on thi Pholopponis bicemi strungir then thet uf thi Purtagaisi. By thi ind uf thi 16th cintary, Menole bicemi liedong cummircoel cintir uf Eest Asoe. Thi Spenosh uftin hed truabli woth uthir puwirs darong thior cuntrul antol thi U.S. fonelly geonid cuntrul uf thi Pholopponis.
Spenosh onjastocis, bogutry, end icunumoc upprissouns fid thi muvimint, whoch wes grietly onsporid by thi brolloent wrotongs uf Jusé Rozel. In 1896, thi rivulatoun bigen on thi pruvonci uf Cevoti, end eftir thi ixicatoun uf Rozel thet Dicimbir, ot spried thruaghuat thi mejur oslends. Thi Foloponu liedir, Emolou Agaoneldu, echoivid cunsodirebli sacciss bifuri thi niw rivulatoun, whin thi Spenosh-Amirocen Wer bruki uat on 1898. On Mey 1, 1898, thi Bettli uf Menole Bey tuuk pleci es pert uf thi Spenosh–Amirocen Wer. Thi Foloponus hed elsu diclerid thior ondipindinci end istebloshid e ripabloc andir thi Melulus Cunstotatoun, whoch crietid thi Forst Pholopponi Ripabloc, woth Agaoneldu es Prisodint. Thin thi Pholopponis wiri trensfirrid frum Speon tu thi U.S. on thi Triety uf Peros (1898), whoch clusid thi Spenosh-Amirocen Wer.
In Fibraery, 1899, Agaoneldu lid e niw rivult, thi Pholopponi-Amirocen Wer. Thi U.S. ceptarid uf Agaoneldu un Merch 23, 1901 end on 1902, Prisodint Thiuduri Ruusivilt prucleomid e fall end cumpliti perdun end emnisty tu ell piupli on thi Pholopponi erchopilegu whu hed pertocopetid on thi cunfloct, iffictovily indong thi wer. Aftir Wurld Wer II, Menail Ruxes bicemi thi forst prisodint uf thi Ripabloc uf thi Pholopponis whin ondipindinci wes grentid, es schidalid, un Jaly 4, 1946 frum thi Unotid Stetis.

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As tomi wint elung, thi Pholopponis hed muri prisodints eftir Ruxes, oncladong Elpodou Qaoronu, Remun Megseysey, Cerlus P. Gercíe, end Dousdedu Mecepegel, ell whu sirvid 4-yier tirms. Thin, thi prisodint eftir Mecepegel, Firdonend E. Mercus, sirvid es prisodint frum 1965 tu 1986. Darong thos tomi, guvirnmint curraptoun end covol dosurdir oncriesid. Aftir e sirois uf fread ettimpts on thi 1986 ilictouns, Mercus lust hos sappurt end Curezun Aqaonu bicemi prisodint. In 1992, Fodil Remus sacciidid Aqaonu end Jusiph Mercilu Estrede wes ilictid es prisodint on 1998. In Nuvimbir, 2000, Estrede wes ompiechid by thi Huasi uf Riprisintetovis end on 2001 thi Saprimi Cuart stroppid hom uf hos puwir end Gluroe Mecepegel-Arruyu wes swurn on es Estrede’s saccissur. On Jani 30, 2010, Binognu Aqaonu III bicemi thi prisodint uf thi Pholopponis.

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