Spanish As A Culture Of The United States Essay

Spanish As A Culture Of The United States Essay

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Emerald Johnson
Spanish 123
Professor Haynes
MW 8am
Spanish as a Culture in the USA
Bilingualism, bilingual education and the Hispanic population in the United States have become a very relevant topic due to the rising population of Spanish speaking people in this country. I am not as informed as I would like to be on the topic but I do know that 1 in 12 Hispanic people do not speak English. About 60% of the Hispanic population was born here and that does make a difference in the bilingualism of their culture. The more “americanized” an Hispanic individual were to become, the higher the chance of them losing their bilingual abilities and simply sticking to the language that they use most often, English. English speakers must also realize the importance of learning a new language but in a sense that it is just as enriching to them to learn a language that isn’t dominant in most countries just as it is enriching to Spanish speaking populations to learn English.
In the video “What’s in a name?” I knew that the title Hispanic does not mean race. This is due to the fact that you can check multiple boxes for ethnicity when doing paperwork. Stereotypes are insinuated in this video in the sense that there are a lot of broad statements made about Hispanic parents, such as “Spanish speaking people don’t ask questions at the doctor because they think the doctor is qualified enough to make decisions.” I also don’t particularly agree with the statement that any race can identify with Hispanic though. I believe that the only true Hispanics are people whose native heritage speak the Spanish language and that just because you identify with a race such as black and indian doesn’t make you Hispanic. Although this passage has some very good point...

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...hat essentially, Spanish is not at the level of importance that it should be in the USA. This is affected everyone from immigrants to politicians to the education of our children and with so many varying opinions out there, more light should be shed on the situation. I think that all of this information is also essential to someone entering a Spanish class. Part of speaking Spanish is having the understanding of the culture and currently culture includes everything from immigration to learning Spanish in order to speak with relatives. Currently, I find this information useful now and will use it to guide my way of thinking as I enter other Spanish classes and try to become more culturally diverse. I believe that the knowledge of how the Spanish language can help in other classes as well as enrich me as a person will help me long after I’m done taking classes as well.

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