The Spanish Armada: Superior Commanding Essay

The Spanish Armada: Superior Commanding Essay

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The Spanish Armada arose in the 1580’s because the so-called “invincible” Spanish armada was on a mission to overthrow the heretic queen Elizabeth I. The Spanish also wanted to put an end to the English robbing their exports from America. Through six days of naval warfare, the English stood victors because of the innovative thinking and tactics by Sir Francis Drake. The Spanish Armada was a test of guts and strategy for both the Spanish and English Navy’s, but Sir Francis Drake, commander of the English Navy, decimated the Spanish fleet with revolutionary tactics.
The Spanish armada was known as the most powerful navy in the world and they were prepared to go overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth was known as a corrupt international political leader, she also encouraged her own Navy to rob Spanish ships that were caring valuable exports from America. The Spanish were ready for revenge; “nearly 140 ships and 24,000 men were supposed to rendezvous with an army of similar size in the Netherlands” (Tompson 1). With a navy this size aiming to overthrow the Queen, the odds were not in favor for the English. The Spanish were even known for having the world’s strongest navy. As they Spanish headed to the Netherlands to meet up with more troops and the other half of their navy, the English fleet intercepted them. On the first day “the English countered with a fleet about 200” they kept their distance and only “annoyed them with long range gunnery” (Tompson 1). As being outnumbered the English were very smart in keeping their distance. This was just the beginning of the English pestering the Spanish with their long-range gunnery. The Spanish armada was heavily weighted with foot soldiers to board the English vessels, but “the English f...

... middle of paper ... on the anchored down Spanish Armada. If it were not for this attack, the Spanish would have regrouped the next day with the other half of their army waiting in the Netherlands. Sir Francis Drake came home a war hero uplifted by a boost of national spirit. His out of the box tactics and his ability to make the English navy come together as one powerful force won the battle in the English channel.

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