Essay on Spain's History: Never Forgotten

Essay on Spain's History: Never Forgotten

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Spain is a country of many accomplishments as well as failures. It has emerged a great deal over the years. Some of the most noteworthy events have happened under the reign of kings Alfonso XII, Alfonso XIII, and Juan Carlos. The three of them were related, but each had different feelings towards issues and dealt with them inversely.
Alfonso XII was king for the shortest amount of time and first of the three, with only 10 years, from 1874 to 1885. He was announced King not too long after the end of the First Republic. The duration of Alfonso XII as king, and a part of Alfonso XII’s reign was known as the Restoration. Its main goal was to create a new political system, that of a constitutional monarchy through parliament. Spain was able to make progress within the years of him in power, in terms of stability and the modernization of Spain greatly increased. However, politically Spain was still corrupt, the conservatives and liberals alternated turns over control of the government with a system of “turnos”, which was a major reason for Alfonso XII to come into power in the first place and institute his new political system.
Under his short term as King he was able to bring relative peace to Spain on all fronts at home and abroad, as well as politically and economically. In 1874, when he was announced king, Spain was behind economically compared to the surrounding European countries. Remarkably he was able to soothe the economic woes of the time for the period of his reign. Unfortunately he died at the age of 27, leaving the throne to his unborn son, Alfonso XIII, to immediately become king. Alfonso XIII wasn’t born until 6 months later so his Mother, Maria Cristina, acted as a subordinate until he was officially able to take ove...

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