Spain Before the Golden Age: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Essay

Spain Before the Golden Age: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Essay

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What was Spain like before the Golden Age? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ruled the kingdoms that eventually became the country of Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella were intent on having a kingdom free of any faith other than Christianity. Many people were killed or even banished from the country. King Ferdinand and Isabella moved their kingdom into a great age for Spain, but did not achieve this in the best way.
The marriage of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella joined their family’s two kingdoms. Queen Isabella was the daughter of King John II of Castile. King Ferdinand was the son of King John I of Aragon (When). King Ferdinand was born on March 10, 1452 in Aragon, Spain (Ferdinand II). Isabella was born in Madrigal de las Altas Torres on April 22, 1451. Isabella chose to marry Ferdinand after many other tried arrangements for her hand (Amadó). Ferdinand and Isabella were married in the year 1469 (King). Their marriage created the union of Castile and Aragon, forming the kingdom of Spain (Jewish). For three decades Isabella and Ferdinand ruled this land and expanded their territory (When). Isabella and Ferdinand had five children. Their children were Isabel, John, Joan, Maria, and Catherine. Isabella died on November 26, 1504 in the Castle La Mota. This still stands at Madina del Campo (Amadó). Ferdinand died on January 23, 1516 in Madrigalejo, Spain (Ferdinand II). Ferdinand and Isabella became royalty in two very different ways.
When Isabella’s brother died, she had to fight for the crown of Castile. After her father died when she was three years old, Isabella became the heiress to her brother King Henry IV (Amadó). Ferdinand helped Isabella in the war of succession. This was fought with Juana after the de...

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