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Between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea lies the Southeastern Asia archipelago up of 7,107 islands with known as the Philippines. Tropical maritime climate and mountainous islands with narrow extensive coastal low lands, the Philippines has had an extensive history of colonization’s throughout these areas. Discovered by Spanish conquistador Ferdinand Magellan is 1521 the Spaniards would later arrive renaming the islands as Las Islas Filipinas after King Philip II of Spain and conquered the archipelago setting up a Spanish capital called Manila. Not only would the Spanish culture influence the Filipino culture and countries development, the Philippines would have more legacies placed from the United States of America. Historically, the Philippines was under Spanish control only to won by the United States after the Spanish-American War in the Treaty of Paris of 1898. This would not only mark the end of the Spanish Empire but also begin the second phase of the Philippines colonization this time being influenced and developed by the United States of America. In this essay I will discuss how both Spain and the United States of America have left a legacy of colonization in the Philippines through the countries development in education, government and religion.
The Spanish Empire colonization of the Philippines began in 1564, lasting over 333 years leaving behind a lasting legacy of the Catholic religion. The Philippines as a developing nation had very little structure religiously before 1521 with only a small portion of the islands being Islamic at the time the Spanish Empire arrived. One of the main objectives was to convert the Filipinos to Catholicism. With little to no central ruling power in the region, Spain was abl...

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...heir respective time periods, the Philippines still is a developing country. Still today the country has legacies left by Spain in the form of Catholicism with 82.9 percent of the population still practicing. The United states while not as long has also colonized and developed the Philippines with a lasting legacy of education restructure and reform that also incorporated the Filipino language to be assimilate English being an official language with Tagalog. While the Presidential republic still is one of the great legacies left as the Philippines it is unclear if this legacy will remain in place. But the freedom that the united states has provided and the security and protection along with how much the Philippines has relied on American economy and trade. While so much has influenced the Philippines the country is now looking to create a future based on themselves.

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