Spain And Pakist Similarities And Differences Essay

Spain And Pakist Similarities And Differences Essay

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There are many things that can be said to describe both Spain and Pakistan having some similarities and differences. Having many tourist sites to visit and culture to learn about. Spain is in Southwestern Europe which is bordering the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Biscay, and Pyrenees Mountains; Southwest of France. With a population of 48,146,134 since July 2015. Spain is a constitutional monarchy governed under the constitution of 1978. In the other hand, Pakistan is in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the east and Iran and Afghanistan on the west and China in the north. Its population since July 2015 being 199,085,847. Pakistan’s government being federal parliamentary republic.
The Gross Domestic Product known as GDP for Spain has increased over the past couple years, it being $1.544 trillion in 2013 to $1.615 trillion in 2015 and having a 3.2 % GDP growth rate in 2015. For GDP per person Spain landed in the 54th place in the country comparison to the world. Spain has had an increase as well not the biggest increase, in 2013 it was $33,100 and in 2015 it was $34,800. As for Pakistan, its GDP has also had an increase over recent years starting them at $ 858.5 billion in 2013 to $ 931 billion in 2015. This data places Pakistan in the 27th place in the country comparison to the world and its GDP growth rate being 4.2% in 2015. Also, its GDP per person shows an increase but not as much over the years this bring Pakistan to the 170th place in the world.
CPI in Spain has increased and decreased over the years with the highest being 104.55 and the lowest 1.83, for this year 2016 its CPI was reported to be 102.94. Inflation has decreased in 2014 its inflation was -0.1 % and in 2015 -0.5%. Fo...

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...ple they have Respol which is known for the leading competitors for motorbike racing championships. Its second largest company is Compañía Española de Petróleos also known as CEPSA a multinational oil and gas company which operates in many other countries. The third largest company is Mercadona a Spanish supermarket more than 1,500 Mercadona supermarkets in total are open. Also, another company is called Endesa which is the largest electricity utility company in Spain and there are more large corporations in Spain to be named. Pakistan’s largest corporations are Fauji Fertiliser which is a fertilizer company and is the leading company in Pakistan. Another would be Millat Tractors Company a manufacturer of tractors in Pakistan. And the oilfields in Pakistan are the leading company for oil and gas exploration and production even though it’s not the Pakistan State Oil.

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