Space Weather Affecting The Earth Essay

Space Weather Affecting The Earth Essay

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'I saw dancing lights in the sky, spiking straight up starting around a few hundred feet off the ground. They waved a bit like curtains’-Mike Taylor. The Aurora Borealis is a display of solar flares that collide with the earth's atmosphere and cause a phenomenal light show, but do the impact of the solar flares affect the earth in any way? If so, is it a positive or negative reaction? Solar flares are also known as space weather. It is said in many research papers that space weather has a long term effect on the earth's atmosphere. If space weather truly does have negative long term effects on the earth’s atmosphere, then the planet might become uninhabitable for any life considering that all living organisms except bacteria and related bacteria life survive on oxygen. The long term effects of space weather in relation to the earths atmosphere will be discussed and based on facts, opinions, and scientific evidence.

Solar wind is an example of space weather. Solar wind is when the a star ejects particles from its corona. These particles are usually electron and protons and the rate of ejection depends solely on the stars activity at the time. Space weather are the conditions in the space environment that humans are interested in because they have impacts on the health and safety of equipment and humans in space and on the ground. Examples of space weather are the particle density, IMF-interplanetary magnetic field-, strength and orientation, and the number of protons and electrons. Space weather can be both celestial and deadly; the most mystical things can be a result of space weather but deadly consequences too. Space weather depends mainly on the star, for example: the stars activity, the intensity of the stars flares,...

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